Project 100=50 charity event

As an organisation that believes in social and environmental responsibility, Ellipsiz is committed in giving back to the community and playing a role towards environment sustainability.

On 19 May 2018, we participated as volunteers for the Project 100=50 charity event held at Sree Narayana Mission Home. The event helped 120 needy families who did not qualify for Government subsidies to defray part of their financial burden by paying grocery and household items at 50% discount.

We are getting staff involvement in reaching out to the community directly, to raise awareness and cultivate sense of social responsibility towards the less privileged.

We believe a kind act will go a long way towards building a gracious society.

At the staff level, our employees are encouraged to follow the green practices to conserve energy, reduce waste and save paper. We believe every little step goes a long way towards sustaining a clean and green environment.

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