Ellipsiz iNETest Highlights Enhanced Capabilities of X-Prep and X-Vision Systems at IPFA 2023 in Penang

Penang, 27th July 2023 Ellipsiz iNETest, a leading provider of engineering solutions in the Malaysian semiconductor market, showcased its latest innovations at the International Symposium on the Physical and Failure Analysis of Integrated Circuits (IPFA) 2023, held in Penang, Malaysia. The event, renowned for bringing together industry experts and enthusiasts, provided an ideal platform for Ellipsiz iNETest to demonstrate its cutting-edge equipment and expertise in semiconductor analysis.

As part of its participation in IPFA 2023, Ellipsiz iNETest organized a highly informative seminar in collaboration with Allied High Tech, a trusted partner in the semiconductor industry. The seminar aimed to introduce the attendees to the enhanced capabilities of the X-Prep Mechanical Mill (https://www.alliedhightech.com/Equipment/x-prep-mechanical-mill) and X-Vision Substrate Measurement Instrument (https://www.alliedhightech.com/Equipment/x-prep-vision-substrate-measurement-instrument), both of which play a crucial role in semiconductor sample preparation and analysis.

The seminar provided valuable insights into the latest features and advancements incorporated into the X-Prep and X-Vision systems for backside die thinning. Experts from Allied High Tech offered in-depth demonstrations, enabling attendees to grasp the potential of these state-of-the-art tools in streamlining semiconductor research and development processes.

During the IPFA 2023 exhibition, Ellipsiz iNETest continued to showcase the Allied X-Prep and X-Vision systems at its booth. Industry professionals and potential customers had the opportunity to witness the equipment’s outstanding performance and discuss its applications with the company’s knowledgeable representatives.

Beyond the spotlight on the X-Prep and X-Vision systems, Ellipsiz iNETest proudly presented a diverse portfolio of solutions from other leading manufacturers, including SELA, ALESTECH, and FSM. Visitors were able to explore an extensive range of cutting-edge semiconductor equipment tailored to meet various industry needs, from sample preparation and failure analysis to substrate measurement and more.

IPFA 2023 has provided us with an incredible platform to share the latest developments in our product offerings and engage with potential customers. The seminar, in partnership with Allied High Tech, allowed us to convey the immense potential of the X-Prep and X-Vision systems, while the exhibition offered an excellent opportunity to showcase the entire spectrum of solutions we represent.

Ellipsiz iNETest encourages all interested parties to get in touch and join future seminars to stay updated on the latest advancements in semiconductor testing and analysis. To express interest or learn more about upcoming events, potential customers can contact Ellipsiz iNETest directly through their official website https://www.ellipsizdss.com/contact-us/ or via email at info@ellipsiz.com.

About Ellipsiz iNETest:

Ellipsiz iNETest is a leading distributor of engineering solutions for the semiconductor industry. With a strong commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction, the company collaborates with renowned partners to deliver state-of-the-art equipment to semiconductor manufacturers, researchers, and developers in Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan and China. Ellipsiz iNETest’s comprehensive suite of solutions addresses a broad range of applications, empowering its customers to achieve superior results in semiconductor testing and analysis.

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