Quorum Technologies

Quorum technologies has been the market and technology leader in electron microscopy coating and cryogenic preparation since 2001. The market-leading Q Series of vacuum coating systems and PP3010T cryo preparation systems for SEM and FIB/SEM – both true ground-up redesigns that have truly set the standard within the specimen preparation field.

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Sputter Targets

Quorum offer metal sputtering targets for our current Q Series (S and ES versions) and SC7620 sputter coaters, as well as for previous models manufactured with the brand names Emscope, Emitech, Polaron, Bio-Rad, Fisons Instruments and Thermo VG. For a list of available targets please click here

Disc-style (57 mm)

Disc-style (57 mm) sputtering targets for current Q Series of coaters and SC7620. Also for many old models, including K575, K575X, E5000, E5200, E5400 etc.


Annular Sputtering Targets

Annular Sputtering Targets for E5100, SC510, SC515, SC7640 and SC7680 Sputter Coaters


SC500 and SC500A Sputter Targets

Sputter Targets for SC500 and SC500A


K500X, K550X and K650X Sputter Targets

Sputter Targets for K500X, K550X and K650X


SC650/SC650A Sputtering Targets

Sputter Targets for SC650/SC650A