Berkshire is the global contamination control leader for clean room and controlled environment consumable products for the past 50 years. With technically advanced materials, Berkshire aimed at application performance that consistently minimize the risk of product and process contamination.

Berkshire has a wide range of innovative cleaning solutions for contamination control in regulated and controlled environment, choose from our extensive selection of dry cleanroom wipers, sterile wipes, industrial wipes, lab wipes, gamma wipes and eco-friendly wipes. We offer wipes that meet the strict requirements of the semiconductor & microelectronics, healthcare (USP 797), bio-medical & medical device, aerospace & defense, print, university & research, and automotive industries.

Ellipsiz DSS – Distributor of Semiconductor Equipment

Lint Free Wipes

BlueSorb® 750

cleanroom wipes that combine the cleanliness of synthetic polyester with the absorbent characteristics of cellulose

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Choice® 900

value-tiered cleanroom wipe

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CHOICE® Nonwoven 600

composed of a hydroentangled nonwoven blend of cellulose and polyester

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Durx® 570

light weight cellulose / polyester nonwoven wiper

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Durx® 670

cellulose / polyester nonwoven wiper

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EcoClean® 60

sustainable and 100% biodegradable

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Pro-Wipe® 880

thermally bonded multi-layer nonwoven wiper

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Pro-Wipe® AP

all-purpose industrial rayon/polyester non woven wipe

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Sunsorb® 3001

polyester & rayon blend nonwoven wiper

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Twillx® 1622

environmentally friendly wipe

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ValuClean® Plus

hydroentangled rayon/polyester nonwoven

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