JYTEK ASEAN is a Test & Measurement company serving the needs of engineers & scientists focusing in South East Asia region. Jytek’s SeeSharp Measurement & Control Platform, is the first open-source test and measurement platform in the world, develop by us. By integrating ADLINK’s high-class products, including PXI modular instruments, DAQ & GPIB products, and taking full advantage of its high-quality production capacity in the market during the last two decades, JYTEK focuses on establishing open-source and efficient software platforms and developing state of the art software strategies for test engineers, so they can have an innovative platform and environment featuring seamless connection of software and hardware. JYTEK has shaped itself into a high-tech enterprise in all aspects from R&D to production, from marketing to sales, from software platform to high-quality hardware and from technical support to platform maintenance.

We at Ellipsiz DSS handle sales of Jytek ASEAN products in Malaysia and the ASEAN region only.

Ellipsiz DSS – Distributor of Semiconductor Equipment

Test & Measurement

PXI/PXIe Chassis

Available for 3U/6U 6-19 slot chassis, bench-top, integrated and portable chassis.

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PXI/PXIe Controller

Check out our Next-Generation PXI Controllers, featuring the Intel® latest processors.

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Full spectrum digitizers/oscilloscopes sampling up to 200 MS/s, and up to 24 bits in digitizers up to 8 channels.

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Dynamic Signal Analyzer

Dynamic signal analyzers, providing highly accurate measurement and analysis, are widely used in audio testing, acoustic measurement, machine condition monitoring, and rotating machinery evaluation.

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Data Acquisition (DAQ)

We offer a wide range of PC-based data acquisition modules that support Analog Input, Load Cell Sensor Measurement, Analog Output, Digital I/O, Relay Output, and Timer/Counter Boards.

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The IEEE-488 standard, also known as GPIB, is a bus interface that connects instruments in a computer to an ATE system. GPIB interface cards in PCI, PCIe, and USB interfaces are delivered with complete software support, including a driver API that is fully binary compatible with NI-488.2* driver software. GPIB interface cards provide you with full compatibility with all your existing applications.

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Bus Expansion

Bus expansion products provide a variety of interface options, including PCI, PCI Express, PXI, and ExpressCard to increase bus slots and leverage on the latest computing components.

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High-Speed Digital I/O

High-speed digital I/O cards feature 32 or 64 high-speed single-ended I/O channels and up to 50 MHz data transfer rate with 200 MB/s data throughput. Ideal for large-scale digital data exchange.

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