Quorum Technologies

Quorum technologies has been the market and technology leader in electron microscopy coating and cryogenic preparation since 2001. The market-leading Q Series of vacuum coating systems and PP3010T cryo preparation systems for SEM and FIB/SEM – both true ground-up redesigns that have truly set the standard within the specimen preparation field.

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Bench-Top Vacuum Evaporators

Thermal evaporation under high vacuum is an established method of depositing thin layers of metals and carbon. Typical applications include the production of support films and specimen replicas for transmission electron microscopy (TEM) and many thin-film applications. The K975X Turbo-Pumped Thermal Evaporator is a large chamber system with comes as standard with a carbon rod gun and a metal filament/boat source. Based on the successful Q Series of sputter/carbon coaters, the Q300T ES is a large chamber, turbomolecular-pumped coating system ideally suited to metal evaporation onto large diameter specimens or smaller multiple specimens. The Q300T ES also comes with interchangeable sputtering and carbon evaporation inserts.


Turbo-Pumped Thermal Evaporators

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