Quorum Technologies

Quorum technologies has been the market and technology leader in electron microscopy coating and cryogenic preparation since 2001. The market-leading Q Series of vacuum coating systems and PP3010T cryo preparation systems for SEM and FIB/SEM – both true ground-up redesigns that have truly set the standard within the specimen preparation field.

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Ellipsiz DSS – Distributor of Semiconductor Equipment

Rotary Vacuum and Dry Pumps

Many of our instruments require the addition of a suitable two-stage rotary vacuum pump (vane pump), either as a primary pump or to back a built-in turbomolecular pump. We are pleased to offer the Pfeiffer DUO 6 two-stage pump, which has an excellent reputation for both reliability and performance, delivering high or low throughputs with high ultimate vacuum. Depending upon the application, we also offer dry pumping options, stand-alone rotary pump plus turbomolecular pump combinations and a Fombilised rotary pump for use with the K1050X RF Plasma Reactor.

Pfeiffer DUO 6

Rotary Vacuum Pump

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Edwards nXDS

Dry Scroll Pumps

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VacuuBrand MD1

Diaphragm Pump

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Edwards "Fomblinised" RV3

Rotary Pump

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