Avalon Steritech

Avalon SteriTech strives to provide next-generation cleaning, disinfection and sterilization technology infrastructure for public spaces. Led by a diverse team of world-class scientists, medical doctors, academic advisors and business professionals, they are able to use our knowledge and market insights to deliver customized solutions that address unmet public health needs.

Founded in 2013, Avalon is a Hong Kong homegrown biomedical group focused on developing next-generation healthcare solutions to benefit humanity and improve lives. Avalon’s biotechnology incubation platform cultivates and transforms ideas generated by local talents into viable solutions across the fields of biopharmaceutical, diagnostics, medical devices and other areas of healthcare technology.

Ellipsiz DSS – Distributor of Semiconductor Equipment

Cleaning Automation

Jubilee Portable Vaporized Hydrogen Peroxide Generator

Avalon SteriTech’s portable and easy to use vaporized hydrogen peroxide (VHP) bio-decontamination unit is the perfect guarantor for all your disinfection needs. Its air compressor and nozzle system dispense VHP to decontaminate the air and all exposed surface within the target area. This lightweight and powerful VHP system is compatible with electronic systems, residue-free, and possesses proven efficacy against infectious bacteria, viruses, spores and more.

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