TOKUSO IPA SE is isopropyl alcohol (IPA) made for the electronics industry. Tokuyama produces IPA SE by the original direct hydrogen method to achieve a high purity level of over 99.99%. The product is suitable for cleaning and drying process of electronic devices including semiconductors and glass substrates.

Tokuyama’s positive-type photoresist developer SD Series are chemical agents used in photolithography processes to form circuits in semiconductor wafers. They are suitable for micro-processing because that can be used to create sharp wiring patterns. Because SD Series are organic alkaline solution, they can also be used as substitutes for inorganic alkaline developer.

Ellipsiz DSS – Distributor of Semiconductor Equipment

High-Purity Chemicals and Lithography Developer


Main applications: Precision cleaning and drying of semiconductor wafers and other electronic devices

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Positive-Type Photoresist Developer

Main applications: Various kinds of resist developers; alkali solvents for electronic devices and other items

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