Ellipsiz DSS is proud to be Nikon Lithography sales representative in the Southeast Asia for over 20years. The lithography system is said to be the most precise machine ever created. It boasts precision down to a mere 1 nanometer [1/109 (billion) of 1m]. Take a look at the latest line up of Nikon semiconductor lithography systems, the definitive engines driving the global manufacturing of semiconductors and flat panel displays.

Ellipsiz DSS – Distributor of Semiconductor Equipment


Nikon i-Line systems deliver the superior performance and cost advantage you expect from the world’s lithography leader. Our i-Line solutions provide optimal resolution and overlay with the lowest cost of ownership (CoO). The Nikon NSR-SF155 scan-field stepper uses the same reduction ratio and exposure field size as our Deep UV scanners. This eliminates traditional overlay matching issues while requiring fewer exposures making mix and match with DUV systems easy and cost effective.


Ultra-high throughput stepper incorporating Skyhook technology

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