Ellipsiz DSS is proud to be Nikon Lithography sales representative in the Southeast Asia for over 20years. The lithography system is said to be the most precise machine ever created. It boasts precision down to a mere 1 nanometer [1/109 (billion) of 1m]. Take a look at the latest line up of Nikon semiconductor lithography systems, the definitive engines driving the global manufacturing of semiconductors and flat panel displays.

Ellipsiz DSS – Distributor of Semiconductor Equipment

Immersion and Multiple Patterning

The NSR-S635E is the industry’s most advanced scanner for aggressive multiple patterning processes. It ensures world-class device patterning and optimum fab productivity to fully satisfy real-world 5 nm node requirements. The pioneering inline Alignment Station (iAS) is a high speed, extremely accurate wafer pre-measurement module that can be integrated between the coater/developer and NSR-S631Eand S635E scanners. iAS provides feed forward alignment results for all shots on every wafer, delivering better alignment and overlay—with no impact on throughput. iAS capabilities can also be extended to other scanners in the fab with the LithoBooster Standalone Alignment Station.


Provides world-class device patterning and productivity for 5nm node applications and beyond

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Delivers industry-leading performance and productivity for the 7 nm node

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High accuracy immersion scanner satisfying 14 nm technology node requirements

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