actif Wafer Level Tester

A new generation that supports multiple-wafer tests with faster scanning and shorter test time, Axis-Tec has developed a SiPh Fully Automated Wafer Level Tester with feature-rich capabilities that is mass production ready to determine defective parts and screen for infant mortalities.

Axis-Tec’s Forefront Automated Wafer Level Tester actif comes with all the built-in features and has high flexibilities that can be integrated with a wide range of optical electrical test instruments or equipment to execute testing applications of O-O (Optical to Optical, E-O (Electrical to Optical) and O-E (Optical to Electrical). The wafer level tester is designed and built with automated passive and active align to enable precise optical peak search and electrical probing positioning.


  • High Speed Fiber / Fiber Array Alignment

    • <3 seconds for single alignment
    • <1dB insertion loss

  • Precision Handling System

    • Vision alignment in multiple dimensions
    • 6 Axis of freedom probers

  • High Integration Flexibility

    • Integrated to various test equipment
    • Expandable to any communication protocol

  • Low Cost Capital Investments

    • Competitive Price offer Shorter ROIs

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