Temescal UEFC-5700 Deposition System with Auratus

Ultimate Throughtput in Lift-Off Processes with 150mm or 200mm Wafers

The Temescal UEFC-5700 with Auratus represents our ultimate high-throughput platform for lift-off oriented evaporation. This system is designed to support the metallization of forty-two 150mm wafers per load via high capacity e-beam evaporation.

The load locked product chamber can be pumped by as many as two dedicated, high throughput 16-inch cryogenic pumps. Dual-cryopumps make it possible to pump this large chamber in 10 minutes from atmosphere to pressures in the range of 10E-7. During wafer exchanges, the source chamber is maintained at high vacuum by the independent pumping of a dedicated 10-inch cryopump.

Key Features

  • Large capacity: 42 x 150mm
  • 40% more wafers with no increase in footprint or power consumption
  • Less than 10 minutes to 5E-07 Torr
  • 44,000 L/sec pumping
  • Significantly less surface area and volume


  • Ultimate Uniformity Production: 150 & 200mm
  • Product Chamber Type: conic
  • Load Lock to isolate Product Chamber
  • Cryopump water L/sec: 44,000
  • Pump down time: 1E-06 < 10mins
  • E-gun (max pkg): 2 6x25cc PopTops + 1 fixed pocket
  • E-gun Power Supply: 6, 12, or 15 kW
  • Ion gun: MKII HC
  • Max wafer count: Lift off 42x150mm, 21x200mm
  • Source to Substrate: std 43”

System Control

  • Temescal Control System (TCS), with Auto, Manual modes plus process datalogging
  • Security code-based access for multiple classes of users
  • TCS-based process variable monitoring (PVM), allowing user to set tolerance alarms for critical process variables
  • 17″ high resolution color touch screen interface


  • Temescal 4- or 6-pocket Standard or PopTop turret source
  • Temescal model CV-6SLX or CV-12SLX e-beam power supply (Simba option available)
  • TemEBeam Contoller: Sweep, Index, Gun & HV


  • HULA: High Uniformity Lift-off Assembly
  • Lift-off dome or dome frame with segments
  • Flip tooling: allows for two sided or edge coating
  • VAP: Variable Angle Planetary

Vacuum Pumping & Control

  • Market leading dry roughing pump >60 cfm (102 m3/h)
  • CTI On-Board Cryopumps
  • Cryopump temperature monitoring
  • Active Inverted Magnetron gauges and Pirani controllers, monitored and controlled by the TCS

Product Chamber

  • Dimensions in inches: 57 conic
  • Product chamber cryopump: Dual CT-400 35,000 L/Sec
  • Water cooled product chamber walls
  • Two sets of product chamber evaporation shields
  • Wide-angle viewport on front of system
  • Maskless uniformity
  • Spare port(s) for RGA or alternate access
  • 10” and 12.75” diameter side ports for optional components

Source Chamber

  • Source-isolation valve allows product chamber access while source chamber remains under vacuum
  • Source chamber cryopump: CT-10 (9,000 L/Sec)
  • Source Tray Dimensions in inches: 25.5
  • Drop-down, swing-out source tray, accessible from either clean room or chase side of vacuum cubicle
  • Wide-angle 4” viewport
  • Removable stainless-steel source shields

Water & Air System

  • Stainless steel manifold provides cooling water for source and product chamber components
  • Separate product chamber circuit for cold and optional hot water
  • TCS-controlled auto-blowdown for turret source
  • PLC-controlled air manifold

System Wide

  • 3 EMO switches
  • Standard 19” wide electronics rack on casters
  • Surfaces exposed to high vacuum are made of 304 SST

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