Super-Pure Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2)

Since 1933, when MGC succeeded in the first commercial production of Hydrogen peroxide in Japan, they have maintained its status as one of the most prominent Hydrogen peroxide manufacturers in the world. From the infancy of the semiconductor industry, they have engaged in the development of Hydrogen peroxide meeting the electrical chemical specifications required. Years of intensive researched aimed at the improvement of quality have resulted in the commercialization of Super-pure hydrogen peroxide, applicable to the fabrication of devices with a high integration density.

This product is widely used, not only as a cleaning agent, etchant, and polishing agent for the wafer-preparation process, but also as a cleaning agent, photoresistance inhibitor, and etchant, for device-fabrication processes.


  • Plant: Yamakita, Saga
  • Main Applications: Electronics industry cleaning agent, etching agent, resist stripping agent

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