Chemical Mechanical Polishing Slurry

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Chemical mechanical polishing is essential for achieving global and local planarization of wafers in the IC manufacturing process, in which Chemical mechanical polishing (CMP) slurries are the main processing chemicals used. Depending on the objects of polishing, Anji’s chemical mechanical polishing slurries include copper slurries, barrier slurries, dielectric (silica-based and ceria-based abrasive) slurries, tungsten slurries, slurries for various substrates, formulated wet chemicals, and polishing slurries for new materials and applications. Currently, Anji’s copper and barrier slurries can meet the needs of chip manufacturers in China and has penetrated overseas markets. Other related polishing slurries are supplied to numerous chip manufacturers in China and abroad, and their production scale will be adapted to the needs of clients.

Copper slurries and barrier slurries

We at Ellipsiz DSS offer Copper slurries and barrier slurries used for the removal and planarization of copper and copper barrier layers in the integrated circuit manufacturing processes. Products have been used in mass production of logic chips . Development and validation of products continue for future technology nodes.

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