Formulated Electronic Wet Chemicals

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Formulated electronic wet chemicals refers to formulated wet electronic chemicals that achieve special functions through formulation technology and meet specific requirements of chip manufacturing processes. Anji offers a series of products, such as post etch cleaning solutions, photo resist stripper, post CMP cleaning solutions, etchants, and ECD solution and additives. Post etch cleaning solutions, photoresist strippers, and post polishing cleaning solutions have been widely used in the IC manufacturing processes on 8-inch and 12-inch wafers.

Post etch cleaning solutions for aluminum post etch processes

With a safe supply solution from hydroxylamine suppliers, Anji offers semi-aqueous aluminum post-etch cleaning solutions and amine-based aluminum post-etch cleaning solutions.

These products are used for the removal of post etch residues in the aluminum process of integrated circuits, providing excellent removal capability and low cost. The products have been mass produced for both 8 - and 12-inch logic and memory chips.

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