Xspection 1860

A versatile X-ray machine that offers comprehensive circuit board defect detection and quality assurance for the SMT industry worldwide.

With a single closed tube and tilting features, the Xspection 1860 delivers high-resolution imaging perfect for batch inspections.

It also provides detailed statistics to help improve your SMT line process. This makes it an excellent tool for inspecting various components, including multilayer PCBs, voids, Barrel Fill (THT), and others.


Detection Range 16″x18″ / 400mm 460mm
Maximum Tilt 45° (optional 70°)
Inspection Speed Stepper Motors
Maximum X-Ray Power 90kV, Min. 5µm
Flat Panel Detector 5″x5″ 14bit
Resolution 1536px x 1536px
Pixel Size 85µm
Optical Inspection Camera Yes


Automatic Programming Yes
Fiducial Recognition Yes
Automatic Void Percentage Calculation  Yes
BGA Measuring Yes
Barcode Optional (Laser Scanner)
Windows 11 Yes

General Specs


(L/W/H): 950mm x 1630mm x 2170mm / 37.4in x 64.1in x 85.4in
Weight 1300kg
Electric AC110-240V VAC 50/60Hz

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