The high-resolution camera system with image based algorithm reads any barcode type and even characters. It will help with automizing your incoming process and making relabeling process easy, fast and operator error free.

Using such a system will streamline your incoming material process and eliminate any human error mistake from data entry to relabeling. The equipment has a top scanner option that offers the same cutting-edge features but eliminates the manual rotation of material when double-sided labels exist.

The IMS-100 offers a unique ID feature that allows easy tracing and identification in real time of all materials used in the production process, from when they enter the warehouse to the finished product. The unique ID is a must in the current days where everything is moving towards Industry 4.0. This feature provides invaluable insights into your production process, enabling you to monitor and optimize your operations for maximum efficiency and output while eliminating human error.


Operating System Central Computer
Reel Size 7″, 10″, 13″ and 15″
Compatible Reel Size Up to 4 small 7” reels in the same time or 1 reel/package of different sizes
Types of Inspection Standard SMT and TH, Standard reels up to 15“ in diameter, Cut Strips, ESD Bags, JEDEC
Label Printing Software interface for automatic label printing labels with customized attributes
Printer Type Zebra (optional)
Optical Camera 20 Megapixels
Top Scanner 20 Megapixels Camera (optional)
Smart Mobile Application Optional


Reads Barcode Information & Uploads MES/ERP System Yes
Verifies labels & Prints Labels Automatically Yes
Identifies Various Types Of Barcode Formats Yes
OCR Capability Yes
Datecode Translation Yes
Industry 4.0 Yes
Customize Process Flow Yes
Mobile Application for Non-reels Packages Yes
Windows 11 Ready Yes

General Specs

Dimension (L/W/H): 1000mm x 810mm x 1530mm/39.4” x 31.9“ x 60.2”
Weight 194.6kg/429lbs
Electric AC110-240V 50/60Hz

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