Scienscope IMS-200 is the only full inline Incoming Material Station that provides 100% traceability with 0% human touch.

 A full modular system that provides full flexibility for each individual project according to your unique requirements, maximizing efficiency and precision. This technology streamlines the incoming process and ensures safe, easy, and error-free material relabeling.

AGV integration with our Scienscope IMS-200 is bringing your factory into the new full automation concept factory.


  IMS-200 Auto Labeling IMS-200 Loader/Unloader
Operating System Central Computer N/A
Reel Size 7”, 13“, and 15” 7”, 13“, and 15”
Maximum Qty of Reels 7” H 15mm: 200(max) 7” H 15mm: 200(max)
  13” and 15” H 15mm: 50(max) 13” and 15” H 15mm: 50(max)
Speed of Prints and Labels 10S N/A
Label Size (max) 60mm x 25mm N/A
Push Cart/ Magazine N/A AGV Ready
Reel Rise N/A Elevator
Reel Transport N/A Manipulator
Bypass for Sealed Bags/Trays Yes Yes
Printer Type Zebra N/A
Optical Camera 20 Megapixel 20 Megapixel (loader)
AGV Ready N/A Yes


  IMS-200 Auto Labeling IMS-200 Loader/Unloader
Reads Barcode Information & Uploads MES/ERP System Yes N/A
Collects Information From the System & Prints Labels Automatically Yes N/A
Identifies Various Types Of Barcode Formats Yes N/A
OCR Capability Yes N/A
Datecode Translation Yes N/A
Industry 4.0 Yes N/A
Customize Process Flow Yes N/A
Mobile Application for Non-reels Packages Yes N/A
Windows 11 Ready Yes N/A

General Specs

  IMS-200 Auto Labeling IMS-200 Loader/Unloader
Dimension (L/W/H): 784mm x 1354mm x 1953mm / 30.8″ x 53.3″ x 76.9″ (L/W/H): 1335mm x 2350mm x 1953mm / 52.6″ x 92.5″ x 76.9″
Air 0.5Mpa 0.5Mpa
Weight 700kg (1543lbs) 900kg (1984lbs)
Electric AC 100-240V 50/60Hz AC 100-240V 50/60Hz

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