AXC-800 III Plus

The AXC-800 III Plus X-Ray Component Counter from Scienscope is a cutting-edge inventory management and component counting system that revolutionizes how businesses track their components.

With its newly added conveyor and label placer, this system enables simultaneous loading, counting, and label placement, significantly reducing the overall cycle time and eliminating the risk of incorrect label placement. Load the reels into the system, and the count begins automatically, making the entire process faster, more accurate, and more accessible than ever.

With the AXC-800 III Plus, businesses can streamline their inventory management processes and achieve greater efficiency and accuracy in their operations, saving money and reducing labor.


Operating System Central Computer
Reel Size 7″, 13″, and 15″
Compatible Reel Size (4) 7” Reels, (1) 13” or 15”
X-Ray Tube Power reel with a maximum of 74mm reel height
Count Accuracy ≥ 99.99%
Label Size (max) 60mm x 25mm
` Standard SMT and TH, Standard reels up to 15“ in diameter, Cut Strips, ESD Bags, JEDEC
Label Printing Software interface for automatic label printing of barcodes/ component count results (Label printer optional)
Printer Type Zebra
Inspection Camera 20 Megapixel
Flat Panel Detector 17″ x 17″


Reads Barcode Information & Uploads MES/ERP System Yes
Collects Information from the System & Prints Labels Automatically Yes
Identifies Various Types Of Barcode Formats Yes
Industry 4.0 Yes
ERP Integration Yes
Windows 11 Ready Yes

General Specs

Dimensions (L/W/H): 2476mm x 1700mm x 1900mm/97.48”x 66.93“x 74.80” 
Weight 1500kg /3307lbs
Electric 110-240 AC 50/60 Hz

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