BPM310 Automated Programmer

The BPM310 is the latest 10th Generation Automated Programmer from BPM Microsystems. It features up to 6 fully universal programming sites with up to 48 sockets, producing the fastest programming times in the smallest footprint while offering advanced features such as WhisperTeach™,    BPM.NCRYPT, and on-the-fly vision alignment. Unlike other products in the industry, the BPM310 offers true universal support, including UFS, Microcontrollers, Memory, and Complex Devices that can be configured as needed to support the smallest chip-scale-package to the largest QFP, all at blazing speeds.


  • 10th Generation Sites Technology

    • Future-proof investment with true universal site technology

  • UFS 2.1

    • Eight up UFS Adapter for BGA 153;
    • Fast: Up to 440 MB per second Read & 201 MB per second Write

  • WhisperTeach™

    • Automatic Z-Teach— reduces setup time per job and improves accuracy & quality

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