PSU-Series Programmable Switching D.C. Power Supply

GW Instek PSU-Series, a DC power supply with high power density design, is 1U in height and compatible with 19” Rack Mount Size. The series is suitable for test system installation or system integration by flexibly selecting models for the integration into the existing test system. The PSU- Series, featuring superior voltage and current control functions, comprises fifteen models with output voltage/current ranging from 6V/200A to 600V/2.6A. The Series is suitable for different test conditions and DUTs, including electronic components testing, micro resistors, relays, shunt resistors, 12V/24V/48V battery simulation, and automotive electronic device testing.

The PSU-HV series is ideal for the primary input of DC/DC converter and servomotor production application. PSU is often integrated into component test systems such as aging test equipment for capacitors; 600V DC bias applications; aging test equipment for diode; semiconductor production equipment; automotive electronics; and ECU for V8 engine or V12 engine, etc.

Utilizing same model units of the PSU-Series to conduct series and parallel connections can increase total output power, total current or total voltage. The wide voltage and current output ranges of the PSU-Series can fully satisfy various voltage and current measurement requirements. The PSU-Series is a single power output DC programmable power supply, which outputs 1200W to 1560W. The PSU-Series provides maximum 2 units in series connection (models under 300V) to achieve maximum 600V or 4 units in parallel connection to obtain maximum 800A and the maximum output power of 6.24 kilowatts.


  • Voltage Rating : 6V/8V/12.5V/15V/20V/30V/40V/50V/60V/80V/100V/150V/300V/400V/600V
  • Output Power Rating: 1200W~1560W
  • C.V / C.C Priority
  • Adjustable voltage/current rise and fall time
  • Series/ Parallel Connection: Max. 2 Units(Models Under 300V)/ 4 Units of The Same Model
  • High Efficiency and High Power Density
  • 1U Height and 19”Rack Mount Size
  • Standard Interface: USB, LAN, RS-232, RS-485, Analog Control
  • Optional Interface: GPIB, Isolated Analog Interface(Voltage Control/ Current Control)

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