PSW-Multi series Dual-channel/Triple-channel programmable switching DC power supply

Second to none, dominating mid/low power ranges

PSW-Multi series is a dual-channel or triple-channel wide range output programmable switching DC power supply.

The maximum output power can reach 1080W.

There are 13 dual-channel models with a rated power of 720W, and 24 triple-channel models with a rated power of 1080W.

The rated voltages of low voltage modules are 30V, 40V, 80V, 160V.

The rated voltages of high voltage modules are 250V and 800V. 

The special functions are as follows

Multi-range DC Power Supply

  • The advanced web server, a unique function of the PSW-Multi series,
    can directly execute SCPI commands on the server and control the PSW-Multi power supply.
    The data log has an interval of 1 second. It can edit output sequence.
  • Wide-range output: Provides a wide range of voltage/current outputs under the same rated power.
    One power supply has the total capability of multiple power supplies.
  • Bleed Circuit: Accelerates the voltage fall time.
  • Sequence: Saves the output sequence in a USB flash drive to directly control the power supply to execute the automatic test sequence.
  • The CC/CV priority mode of PSW-Multi is a very useful feature for protecting the DUT.
  • Conventional power supplies usually operate in CV mode when outputting.
    During power output, capacitive loads or current-intensive loads can cause inrush currents.
    Taking the I-V verification curve of an LED as an example, it would be challenging to measure it using a conventional power supply.
    In the initial state, a conventional power supply operates in CV mode.
    When the output voltage exceeds the forward voltage of the LED,
    the current will instantaneously flow, surpassing the default current limit value.
    Even when the current becomes stable after switching to CC mode,
    the crossover point between CV and CC can still potentially damage the DUT.
    However, the PSW-Multi series is capable of operating in CC mode during power output to suppress inrush currents and prevent damage to the
    DUT when the voltage instantaneously conducts.
  • Adjustable slew rate allows users to set the rise and fall times of voltage or current.
    By controlling the slew rate settings, it becomes convenient to verify the DUT under varying voltage or current conditions.
    In manufacturing tests for lighting devices or large capacitors, power output often generates significant inrush currents, which can greatly reduce the lifespan of the DUT.
    To prevent damage caused by inrush currents, a slow voltage output significantly reduces the harm caused by inrush currents, thereby achieving device protection.
  • The OVP and OCP functions provided by the PSW-Multi series can be self-defined and the default value is 110% of the rated value.
    When the protection setting is triggered, the output will be turned off to protect the DUT.
    USB and LAN are standard communications interfaces of PSW-Multi series, while GPIB-USB and RS232-USB are optional accessories.
    All interfaces support LabView driver and Data Logging PC software.


  • Multi-channel: maximum 720W for dual-channel models and maximum 1080W for triple-channel models; output latency between channels with the same voltage module is less than 0.1ms
  • Multiple voltage combinations: low voltage combinations can be selected from 30V/40V/80V/160V; high voltage combinations can be selected from 250V/800V
  • Advanced web server: executes SCPI commands; controls through the server; data log; edit sequence
  • CC/CV priority mode selection is ideal for battery and LED industries
  • Adjustable slew rate
  • High efficiency and high power density power supply
  • Standard communications interfaces: LAN, USB, external analog remote control terminal
  • Optional communications interfaces: GPIB-USB adapter, RS232-USB cable
  • Support LabVIEW Driver

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