PEL-500 Series DC Electronic Load

The PEL-500 series single-channel electronic load has a total of 5 models and provides 0~80V/ 0~500V voltage operating ranges and 250~700W power operating range. The series can be applied to R&D, quality control, ATE system and production test, including voltage source/current source test; switching power supply transient response; constant voltage mode for current limiting test; battery simulation; and battery discharge test.


  • 5-digit digital voltage, current and power meter
  • Simultaneous display of voltage, current, and watts
  • Short-circuit time can be set during short-circuit test
  • Automatic test function of overcurrent protection/overpower protection
  • The battery discharge test function can set the discharge stop voltage (Vbatt), discharge capacity (AH, WH) and stop discharge time.
  • Surge test can simulate boot overshoot current and transient current from hot plugging.
  • Constant current, constant resistance, constant voltage, constant power and Dynamic mode
  • Overvoltage, overcurrent, over power, over temperature protection and reverse polarity detection
  • Voltage polarity display can be set to positive value ("+") or negative value ("-")
  • Communications interface: RS232, USB

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