PCIe/PXIe-5510 5511 5512 32-CH 18-bit 2MS/s Multifunction DAQ Card

PCIe/PXIe-5500 provides up to 32 channels of analog inputs, 4 channels of analog outputs, 32 channels of digital IO or four 32-bit counters/timers. 5500 family of boards use high throughput PCIe bus and high performance driver, it provides high performance and accurate measurement.​


  • 32 single-ended or 16 differential analog input channels
  • 18 bits ADC
  • 7 voltage ranges: ±10V/±5V/±2V/±1V/±0.5V/±0.2V/±0.1V
  • 64M samples of FIFO buffer
  • 4 simultaneous 16-bit analog output channels
  • 32M sample FIFO buffer for analog output
  • 6 ports digital IO, 8 channels per port
  • 4 general 32-bit timer/counter
  • DMA for analog input and output
  • Analog/Digital/Software Trigger

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