PCIe/PXIe-6301 High Resolution Temperature Acquisition Card

JYTEK PCIe/PXIe-6301 is a high-resolution temperature measurement module for PT100 sensor. It has up to 32 channels and can be compatible with 2-wire, 3-wire and 4-wire access (optional software). The maximum measurable resistance of PCIe/PXIe-6301 is 405Ω, covering the complete range of PT100 sensor resistance, and its sampling rate can reach 800 S/sec.

PCIe/PXIe-6301 has resistance measurement noise as low as tens of milliohms with the aid of 24 Bit ADC chip and optimized A/D conversion mechanism for resistance measurement. The temperature error of single measurement is less than 0.05 C.

PCIe/PXIe-6301 supports software, external and other acquisition trigger modes, and can generate trigger signals such as start-up and window. All trigger signals are allowed to be routed through PFI or PXI chassis backplane(only support PXIe-6301).​


  • 32 channels of 2-wire and 3-wire resistance terminal, or 20 channels of 4-wire resistance terminal
  • 0 Ω - 400 Ω resistance measuring range
  • -200°C--+850°C temperature measurement range (using PT100)
  • Compensate wire resistance error when using 3-wire connection
  • 128M sample onboard FIFO buffer for analog input
  • DMA for analog input
  • 24 bits resolution
  • Provide resistance or temperature measurement value
  • Analog/Digital/Software Trigger

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