PXI-62501/62502 4/8-CH 12-Bit 1 MS/s Analog Output Multi-Function PXI modules

JYTEK PXI-62501 and PXI-62502 are high-speed, high-performance analog output multifunction PXI modules. These devices are able to update up to 8-CH, 12-bit analog output simultaneously sustaining 1 MS/s. The reference sources and output polarities are programmable individually per channel. Combine this with the multiplying PXI architecture, JYTEK PXI-62500 series PXI modules can generate complex modulated analog signals. The hardware-based arbitrary waveform generation frees CPU intervention even when all analog outputs are updating at full speed, and the lengths of waveforms are only limited by the system memory. The PXI-62500 series integrate up to 8-CH, 400 kS/s, 14-bit single-ended analog inputs with programmable polarity, 24-CH programmable digital I/O lines, and 2-CH 16-bit general-purpose timer/counters.​


  • PXI specifications Rev. 2.0 compliant
  • 3U Eurocard form factor, CompactPCI compliant (PICMG 2.0 R3.0)
  • 12-bit D/A resolution
  • Up to 1MS/s simultaneous-update rate
  • 4-CH multiplying analog outputs (PXI-62501)
  • 8-CH multiplying analog outputs (PXI-62502)
  • Hardware-based arbitrary waveform generation
  • On-board 8k-sample D/A FIFO (PXI-62501)

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