PCIe-67300A 32-CH 80 MB/s High-Speed Digital I/O Card

JYTEK PCIe-67300A is an ultra-high-speed digital I/O card. It consists of 32 digital input/output channels. High performance designs and state-of-the-art technology make this card ideal for a wide range of applications, such as high-speed data transfer, digital pattern generation and digital pattern capture applications, and logic analyzer applications. Trigger signals are available to start the data acquisition of pattern generation.​


  • x1 lane PCI Express® interface
  • Multiple I/O port configurations: 16-CH DI & 16-CH DO, 32-CH DI or 32-CH DO
  • Data transfer rate up to 80Mbytes/s
  • Bus-mastering DMA with scatter-gather technology
  • On-board internal timer pacer for clocked DIO
  • On-board 32k words FIFO
  • ACK and REQ signals for handshaking data transfer
  • PCIe-67300A Rev. C supports 64-bit operating system with greater than 4GB memory

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