Formulated Electronic Wet Chemicals

Leader of Advanced Technologies Formulated electronic wet chemicals refers to formulated wet electronic chemicals that achieve special functions through formulation technology and meet specific requirements of chip manufacturing processes. Anji offers a series of products, such as post etch cleaning solutions, photo resist stripper, post CMP cleaning solutions, etchants, and ECD solution and additives. Post …

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Chemical Mechanical Polishing Slurry

One-stop Solution Chemical mechanical polishing is essential for achieving global and local planarization of wafers in the IC manufacturing process, in which Chemical mechanical polishing (CMP) slurries are the main processing chemicals used. Depending on the objects of polishing, Anji’s chemical mechanical polishing slurries include copper slurries, barrier slurries, dielectric (silica-based and ceria-based abrasive) slurries, …

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Positive-Type Photoresist Developer

Tokuyama’s positive-type photoresist developer “SD Series” are chemical agents used in photolithography processes (development) to form circuits in semiconductor wafers. The SD series is comprised of high-purity products with very few impurities such as metal ions and chlorine ions. These series are suitable for micro-processing because they can be used to create sharp circuit patterns. …

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Isopropyl Alcohol “TOKUSOH IPA”

TOKUSOH IPA is a high-quality isopropyl alcohol produced through Tokuyama’s proprietary direct hydration technique. Owing to its ability to be blended with both water and oil, TOKUSOH IPA is widely used in paint and ink solvents and as a compound material for medical and agricultural chemicals. For cleaning of electronic materials, Tokuyama offers IPA SE, …

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Super-Pure Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2)

Since 1933, when MGC succeeded in the first commercial production of Hydrogen peroxide in Japan, they have maintained its status as one of the most prominent Hydrogen peroxide manufacturers in the world. From the infancy of the semiconductor industry, they have engaged in the development of Hydrogen peroxide meeting the electrical chemical specifications required. Years …

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Super-Pure Ammonium Hydroxide (NH4OH)

Super-Pure Aqueous Ammonia is one of the many downstream products derived from the Ammonia manufacturing process. In the same manner as Super-pure hydrogen peroxide, this product is used as a cleaning agent and etchant in the semiconductor industry. Features

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