Brand: Axis Tec

actif Wafer Level Tester

A new generation that supports multiple-wafer tests with faster scanning and shorter test time, Axis-Tec has developed a SiPh Fully Automated Wafer Level Tester with feature-rich capabilities that is mass production ready to determine defective parts and screen for infant mortalities. Axis-Tec’s Forefront Automated Wafer Level Tester actif comes with all the built-in features and …

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AX-LS Series Laser Scriber

Engineered to high standards, the Axis Tec AX-LS series of Laser Scribers improve yield by creating much narrower scribe lines than traditional mechanical scribing using  conventional blade dicers. ​The non contact scribing process works by carving a groove hole while melting/vaporizing the wafer surface layers away using a laser beam at a wavelength that causes …

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Axis Tec 6-Axis Active Aligner

A standalone platform-base machine for both active alignment of Single mode fibers or fiber arrays and passive alignment with machine vision. ​The Axis-Tec Engineering Aligner is capable of handling both Active and Passive alignment to improve flexibility in customer processes and increase productivity. Applications Advantages

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