Brand: Anji Microelectronics

Formulated Electronic Wet Chemicals

Leader of Advanced Technologies Formulated electronic wet chemicals refers to formulated wet electronic chemicals that achieve special functions through formulation technology and meet specific requirements of chip manufacturing processes. Anji offers a series of products, such as post etch cleaning solutions, photo resist stripper, post CMP cleaning solutions, etchants, and ECD solution and additives. Post …

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Chemical Mechanical Polishing Slurry

One-stop Solution Chemical mechanical polishing is essential for achieving global and local planarization of wafers in the IC manufacturing process, in which Chemical mechanical polishing (CMP) slurries are the main processing chemicals used. Depending on the objects of polishing, Anji’s chemical mechanical polishing slurries include copper slurries, barrier slurries, dielectric (silica-based and ceria-based abrasive) slurries, …

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