Brand: Dynamic Test Solutions

Wafer Probe Loadboards/PIB

DTS has a full line of standard PIBs for all major tester platforms. Custom PIB designs can accommodate any test head, prober and manipulator configuration, including probe card changers, overhead direct dock setups and cable interfaces. DTS wafer test loadboards are compatible with a variety of pogo pin interface towers. All PIBs are constructed with …

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Probe Card PCBs

DTS offers both generic and custom PCBs blanks for probe cards. Probe card PCBs are available for all tester platforms and can be configured for any vertical technology, epoxy cantilever and legacy blade cards. DTS probe card blanks are made to precise specifications required for all probing technologies and are available in high speed and …

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Package Test Loadboards/DIB

DTS Package Test (DIB) loadboards are designed to specific devices and configured for both hand test and fully automated handler applications. DTS loadboards incorporate any brand of socket or contactor and can be configured for multi-site testing. Designs incorporate all necessary components, connectors, mechanical hardware and stiffeners to provide a complete plug-n-play solution. DTS has …

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