Digital Meters

GCM-403 & GCM-407 Digital Clamp Meter

Digital Clamp Meter — ACA, ACV, DCV, Ohm, Diode, Buzzer. The GCM-403 is digital clamp meter can measure AC/DC voltage, AC/DC current, resistance, diodes, continuity, capacitance, frequency and temperature.  Tapered jaws, auto range, data hold, REL function and auto power off which makes it a superb tool for electricians.  The GCM-407 is digital clamp meter …

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GDM-8351 Dual Measurement Multimeter

GW Instek presents the brand new 5 1/2 Digit Dual Measurement Multimeter─ GDM-8351 to replace GDM-8251A of the same category. GDM-8351 features VFD dual-display, maximum 120,000 counts, 0.012% basic DC voltage accuracy and USB/RS232C connectors to provide users with measurement precision, lucid data observation, and the convenient connection with the personal computer. In addition to the fundamental measurement items such …

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GDM-8261A Dual Measurement Multimeter

Boost Your Measurement Speed & Efficiency The GDM-8261A is a high precision 6 ½ digit Digital Multimeter with dual measurement displays, 11 measurement functions and 10 math functions at high accuracy (35ppm DC voltage accuracy) to accommodate the most frequently performed parameter measurements in various application fields today. The GDM-8261A adopts a scanner card, which …

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GDM-906x Dual Measurement Multimeter

GW Instek launches GDM-906X series 6 ½ digit dual measurement multimeter (2 models: GDM-9061 and GDM-9060), featuring high precision DC voltage accuracy, fast sampling rate, 12 measurement functions (DC voltage/current, AC voltage/current, 2-wire/4-wire resistance, frequency, period, diode, continuity beeper, temperature, capacitance), 6 mathematical functions (dB/dBm/Compare/ MX+B/Percent and 1/X) as well as a variety of communications …

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