PC-100 Pressure Chamber

The use of pressure with acrylics and epoxies prevents the formation of small bubbles (outgassing) caused by elevated exothermic temperatures during hardening. This also produces clearer mounts with better edge retention, improved adhesion and reduced shrinkage. Maximum rating: 35 psi (2.4 bar) Features

PC-200™ Pressure Chamber

The PC-200™ is a large volume pressure chamber for cold mounting with acrylic and epoxy. With an 8″ opening and 7.5″ depth, this pressure chamber accommodates oversized silicone mounting cups, a large quantity of round cups, or multiple PCB molds. The process of loading the PC-200™ pressure chamber with freshly poured molds is made easier …

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VacuPrep™ Epoxy Impregnation System

The VacuPrep™ removes trapped air from uncured epoxy, filling open pores and cavities in samples to provide maximum bonding and support. This maintains sample integrity during abrasive preparation, reducing the chance of cracking or delamination. The VacuPrep™ comes in two (2) versions – the standard model and a turntable model.  This new variant adds a …

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TechPress 3X™ Mounting Press

The Newly Updated TechPress x3™ electro-hydraulic automatic mounting press is used to encapsulate samples for metallographic preparation. The microprocessor-based system features 2 modes of operation; “manual input” and “one-touch programs”, which includes a pre-loaded database with 80 adjustable programs, including parameters for mold size, single mount, or duplexing, mounting resin, curing time and temperature, pressure, …

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