TrimSaw 2X™ Manual Table Saw

The TrimSaw 2x™ is a manual-feed, variable speed table saw that is ideal for cutting printed circuit boards, composite/ceramic substrates, electronic devices and other nonmetals.  Cutting fluid is drawn from the reservoir by the rotating blade, applied to the sample during sectioning, then channeled back to the reservoir through holes in the platform.  When using …

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TechCut 4X™ Precision Low Speed Saw

The TechCut 4x™ is a precision low-speed saw excellent for cutting smaller, delicate samples that cannot tolerate increased heat caused by high-speed sectioning. A 3.5″ color LCD touchscreen is used to control all functions with an intuitive interface optimized for efficiency. The pivoting cutting arm has adjustable weights to apply or counterbalance downward force to …

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TechCut 5X™ Precision High Speed Saw

The TechCut 5x™ precision high-speed saw is a versatile, programmable machine designed to cut a wide variety and size of materials. It automatically sections materials at high speeds, increasing sample throughput. The PLC-based system controls sample feed rate, distance and force. Closed-loop monitoring of the blade and table optimizes cutting performance and minimizes blade breakage …

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