X-Ray Inspection

AXI 7300

The AXI 7300 is a state-of-the-art inline X-ray inspection system equipped with inlet and outlet conveyors. The AXI 7300 has advanced features that significantly enhance its capabilities. These include a cutting-edge linear motor transport system that enables quick and accurate object movement, a large inspection area, and a high-resolution FPD. The AXI 7300 model maintains …

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Xspection 3000

The Xspection 3000 descends from the Scienscope X-scope 3000, which has become the most popular X-ray machine since its introduction in 2011. The flagship of the offline X-ray inspection systems from Scienscope provides all necessary features from hardware and software point of view to provide the best quality assurance and process stability in your factory. …

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Xspection 1860

A versatile X-ray machine that offers comprehensive circuit board defect detection and quality assurance for the SMT industry worldwide. With a single closed tube and tilting features, the Xspection 1860 delivers high-resolution imaging perfect for batch inspections. It also provides detailed statistics to help improve your SMT line process. This makes it an excellent tool …

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