AD-5™ Automatic Fluid Dispenser

AD-5™ Automatic Fluid Dispenser

The AD-5™ fluid dispenser provides automatic, unattended application of abrasive polishing suspensions and lubricants. Its functions are controlled through Allied’s MetPrep 3™, MetPrep 4™, DualPrep 3™ or MultiPrep™ systems, and can also be used with ANY brand polishing machine as a standalone system.

Timed, volume-controlled, variable frequency dispensing delivers reproducible results by eliminating inconsistencies between operators. This increases productivity and efficiency, while reducing consumables usage. Intuitive menu navigation and simple logic programming make the dispenser easy to use.

The AD-5™ features five (5) dispensing positions, two of which include a flush cycle to prevent clogging when using colloidal suspensions. Peristaltic pump technology offers mist-free drip delivery to the polishing surface.


  • Five (5) dispensing positions, 16 oz. (500 mL) capacity; 128 oz (3.8 L) adapter kit available
  • User-defined menu labeling (abrasive type & size, lubricant, cloth, material, and menu name)
  • Remote function enabling seamless integration and automatic activation with Allied’s grinding and polishing systems Pump reverse after cycle to prevent dripping/contamination
  • Local function to allow standalone operation with any grinder/polisher
  • Pulse duration: 0.5 - 6.0 seconds (0.5 second increments)
  • Pulse frequency: 1-10 per minute
  • One-touch priming function for quick, initial charging of new cloths
  • In-cycle priming that allows temporary "full-rate" dispensing onto polishing surface
  • One-touch activation independent of menu for simple operation
  • Pre-start charging of new/dry polishing cloths
  • Allows dispensing of colloidal suspensions (silica, silica/alumina and alumina) with rinse/flush function to avoid clogging
  • Two (2) positions with high-speed pumps for oxide polishing
  • Peristaltic pumps offer mist-free drip dispensing
  • Touchpad switches control all functions
  • 25 programmable menus
  • Optional password protection of menus
  • Backlit 4-line LCD
  • Dimensions: 8" W x 25" D x 9" H (203 x 635 x 228 mm)
  • CE compliant for EU
  • Two (2) year warranty
  • Designed & manufactured by Allied in the USA

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