Cross Sectioning Tool

Cross Sectioning Tool

The Cross-Sectioning Tool is used to cross-section small, unencapsulated samples such as IC's and other electronic devices.

The handheld tool's unique design is stable, well-balanced and has a low center of gravity to avoid rocking during polishing. Adjustable Teflon™ feet are used to align the sample with the desired polishing plane. The cross-sectioning paddle is attached using a cam-locking system (no tools needed), allowing quick, easy paddle removal for sample inspection and exact repositioning throughout the polishing procedure.

Cross-Sectioning Tool Kit includes:

  • #69-50000-1 Cross-Sectioning Tool Body with Cam-Locking System
  • #15-1010 Cross-Sectioning Paddle with 3.1mm Removable SEM Adapter Pin
  • #69-30010 Teflon™ Feet, (Pk/2) 
  • #69-50020 Hex Wrench, 3/32"
  • #71-10040 Hot Mounting Wax, Clear 50 Gram Stick
  • #71-10000 EpoxyBond 110™ 2-Part Adhesive, ½ oz. Kit
  • #72-20000 Glass Cover Slips, 18 mm sq., #2, (Pk/160)
  • #50-05518 Rubber Squeegee, 2" x 3"
  • #148-10000 Micro Organic Cleansing Soap (2 oz. sample)
  • Storage Case


  • Lightweight anodized aluminum body for corrosion resistance
  • Low profile fixtures fit under objectives in most microscopes
  • Cam-Lock lever can be mounted on the right or left side according to operator's preference
  • Aluminum cross-sectioning paddle fits into most SEMs without the need to demount the sample

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