MC600i Nanocleaver

MC600i Nanocleaver

MC600i is a fifth generation version of the award-wining Nano Cleaving series of the sample preparation systems for cross-section of crystalline materials for following SEM inspection and other analyses.

The MC600i system utilizes Nano Cleaving and Micro Cleaving technologies in two main processes – full process and fast process.

SELA’s Nano Cleaving and Micro Cleaving technologies are proved themselves as undisputed leaders for accurate, fast and artifact-free sample preparation. The MC600i system achieves fully automatic, reliable and rapid cross sectioning of wafer segments and dies. Dedicated software enables automatic mapping and navigating to targets, automatic off-loading for immediate inspection. High and consistent accuracy and excellent quality of cross-sections significantly reduce diagnostic cycle for failure analysis, characterization and process monitoring.

These features together with high throughput ensuring that sample preparation is never a bottleneck for SEM analysis.


  • Accuracy of full process is down to 100nm in 10 minutes
  • Accuracy of fast cleave is down to 3 microns in 3 minutes
  • Single die cleaving with dimensions down to 2x1mm
  • Wafer and die edge cleaving down to 0.5mm from edge
  • Controlled Liquid Nitrogen spraying to improve quality of cross section
  • Ease of use – few hours training for new operator
  • Automatic processing – no previous experience required


  • Turn-around time drastically reduced
  • Improves yield analysis
  • Improves characterization
  • Improves and enhances SEM imaging
  • High productivity
  • Low cost of ownership

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