MultiPrep™ Polishing System – 12″

MultiPrep™ Polishing System - 12"

The MultiPrep™ System enables precise semiautomatic sample preparation of a wide range of materials for microscopic (optical, SEM, FIB, TEM, AFM, etc.) evaluation. Capabilities include parallel polishing, angle polishing, site-specific polishing, or any combination thereof. It provides reproducible results by eliminating inconsistencies between users, regardless of their skill. The 12" MultiPrep™ System has a scaled positioning device and higher torque rotation/oscillation motors for preparation of larger or multiple samples exceeding an area of 1,600 mm².

Dual micrometers (pitch and roll) allow precise sample tilt adjustments relative to the abrasive plane. A rigid Z-indexing spindle maintains the predefined geometric orientation throughout the grinding/polishing process. Digital indicators enable quantifiable material removal, which can be monitored real-time, or preset for unattended operation. Variable speed rotation and oscillation maximize use of the entire grinding/polishing disc and minimize artifacts. Adjustable load control expands its capability to handle a range of small (delicate) to large samples.

MultiPrep Positioning Head Features

  • Front digital indicator to display real-time material removal (sample advancement), 1 µm resolution
  • Precision spindle that indexes the sample perpendicular to the platen, and can rotate simultaneously
  • Dual axis, micrometer controlled angular positioning of the sample (pitch and roll): +10°/-2.5° range (0.02° increments)
  • Rear digital indicator to display vertical positioning (static) with zeroing function, 1 µm resolution
  • Full or limited automatic sample rotation with 8 speeds
  • Cam-locking system that eliminates the need for tools and allows for precise repositioning of fixtures
  • Variable sample load: 0-600 g (100 g increments)
  • Designed & manufactured by Allied in the USA

Grinder/Polisher Features

  • Variable platen speed: 5-350 RPM (5 RPM increments)
  • Digital timer and tachometer
  • 7" color LCD touchscreen with keypad entry to control all functions
  • Clockwise/counterclockwise platen rotation
  • Seamless integration with optional AD-5™ Fluid Dispenser for automatic operation
  • Electronic coolant control with adjustable valve
  • Powerful, quiet 0.7 HP (535 W) Brushless DC motor that provides constant high torque output throughout the speed range Stable RIM, aluminum and stainless steel construction
  • Molded one-piece corrosion and impact resistant cover
  • Overflow diversion protects internal components
  • Designed & manufactured by Allied in the USA
  • CE Compliant for EU
  • Two (2) year warranty

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