P300A Semi-Automatic Probe Station

P300A Semi-Automatic Probe Station

The Micromanipulator P300A 300mm semiautomatic probe station is the most stable, intuitive, and space efficient 300mm semi-automatic analytical probe station available today. Designed for low current, sub-micron positioning applications, the P300A comes standard with features such as single-point ground, dry/dark environment, and integrated thermal chuck plumbing. Built for reliability as well as precision, the P300A features closed-loop operation with massive stage and platen drives, a robust chuck mount and a harmonic theta drive.

The P300A uses NetProbe 7 software, Micromanipulator’s revolutionary prober control software. Navigator, Inter-active Video, Memory List, Wafer Map, EdgeSense pattern recognition, and Setup modules provide full functionality with a wealth of high level features including Video Positioning and Snap Alignment, Die to Die and In-Die stepping. Motorized controls placed conveniently at the front of the station allow simple manual control of this semi-automatic station when programmability is not required.

Both joystick and MicroTouchTM controls intuitively operate the station stage, platen (Z), and theta as well as the microscope X-Y and Z drives. A local touch-screen display also provides setup and operational programmability locally to the probe station hardware. Drivers from popular tester companies including Keysight, Keithley, and LabVIEW

The P300A can be configured with Micromanipulators “Top Hat” for level, frost free temperature testing.  Three temperature ranges are supported:

  • Ambient (room temperature) to 300C
  • 0C to 300C
  • -55C to 300C

The P300A is the 300mm prober of choice for those requiring highly accurate step and repeat, even at temperature.

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