PCI-69812 4-CH 10/12-Bit 20 MS/s Simultaneous-Sampling Analog Input Cards

PCI-69812 4-CH 10/12-Bit 20 MS/s Simultaneous-Sampling Analog Input Cards

JYTEK's PCI-69812, PCI-69810 and PCI-69812A are 4-CH, 10 or 12-bit, 20 MS/s simultaneous-sampling analog input cards. The high-speed analog input channels are single-ended, with hardware programmable input ranges of ±1 V, ±5 V and input impedances of 50 Ω, 1.25 k Ω and 15 M Ω. The onboard 32 k-sample A/D FIFO can buffer so data throughput is less than 100 Mbytes/s, the FIFO performs as the temporary A/D sample buffer, and as a rule of thumb, no data loss will occur. When four channels operate at 20 MS/s simultaneously, each sample generates two bytes, resulting in 160 Mbyes/s (4 channels * 20 M * 2 bytes) throughput, which exceeds the peak 132 Mbyte/s bandwidth of PCI bus. To avoid data loss, the 32 k-sample FIFO is the limitation of sample count. For applications requiring a larger number of samples at full sampling rate, the PCI-69812A features 128 k sample A/D FIFO for storage.

In addition to the onboard 40 MHz time base, users are able to supply the external time base in either sine wave or digital forms. The PCI-69810 and PCI-69812 also feature external digital trigger and programmable analog trigger, thus the conversion start point of multiple cards can be synchronized to external events. The trigger modes include software-trigger, pre-trigger, post-trigger, middle-trigger and delay trigger, further expands the capabilities of these high-speed devices. JYTEK’s PCI-69812, PCI-69810 and 69812A deliver cost-effective and reliable data acquisition capabilities and are ideal for vibration testing, image digitizing, ultrasonic measurement, biomedical research, ATE and other high-end industrial, scientific, and military applications.


  • Simultaneous-sampling rate up to 20MS/s
  • 4CH single-ended inputs, bus-mastering DMA for analog inputs, and 3-CH TTL digital inputs
  • User-selectable input impedance of 50Ω or high-input impedance
  • 12-bit A/D resolution on 9812 & 9812A, 10-bit A/D resolution on 9810
  • On-board 32k-sample FIFO on 9810 & 9812, on-board 128k-sample A/D FIFO on 9812A
  • Bipolar signal input range (+/-5V, +/-1V)
  • Analog and digital trigger
  • bandwidth >17 MHz -3 dB

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