PCIe-69814 4-CH 12-Bit 80 MS/s PCI Express Digitizer

PCIe-69814 4-CH 12-Bit 80 MS/s PCI Express Digitizer

The JYTEK PCIe-69814 is a PCI Express digitizer providing speedy, high quality data acquisition. Each of the four input channels supports up to 80MS/s sampling, with 12-bit resolution A/D converter. This allows simultaneous recording of signals on all channels with no inter channel phase delay. The extremely large on-board memory enables long recording times even at the highest sampling rates.

Unlike parallel PCI buses, PCI Express slots utilize serial point-to-point connection. Each connection pair (lane) can achieve burst connection speeds of 250MB/s. The PCIe-69814, based on x4 lane slot PCI Express technology, provides a clear advantage in that direct connection of each slot allows full transfer bandwidth for each individual card. The JYTEK PCIe-69814 x4 digitizer can be used in any standard PCI Express slot, x4, x8, or x16.


  • Up to 80 MS/s sampling, and 4 simultaneous analog inputs
  • High resolution 12-bit ADC
  • Up to 40 MHz bandwidth for analog input, 1 GB onboard storage memory
  • Programmable input voltage range of ±0.5V, ±1V, ±5V, or ±10V
  • Scatter-Gather DMA data transfer for high speed data streaming
  • Provide 10 or 20 MHz digital onboard filter (FPGA)
  • Provide PLL module for precise synchronization

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