PCIe/PXIe-5710 Family of Analog Output Modules

PCIe/PXIe-5710 Family of Analog Output Modules

The PCIe/PXIe-5710 Series is a family of Analog Output function modules, which can run on PCIe, PXIe, TXI (Thunderbolt) and USB buses (coming soon). Depending on the model number, a 5710 series provide different AO channels, sampling rate.

JYTEK PCIe/PXIe-5711 is a 32 channels analog output module with 16 bits resolution. PCIe/PXIe-5711 has an output range of ±10 V with maximum update rate to 2 MS/s. It also provides output current drive in the range of ±10 mA.


  • 32 channels of voltage output
  • 16 bits DAC
  • Output range: ±10 V
  • Maximum update rate

    • 1 channel. 2 MS/s
    • 8 channels (1 channel per bank) 2 MS/s
    • 32 channels. 1 MS/s

  • Output current drive: ±10 mA
  • Overdrive current:15 mA
  • 8M samples FIFO buffer size per channel
  • DMA for data transfers

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