PCM Microcleaver

PCM Microcleaver

Perfect Cleave Mechanism (PCM) is a simple manual cleaving tool for cross-section of crystalline materials such as Si, GaN, GaAs, InPh, SiC and others.

PCM utilizes SELA’s proprietary Perfect Cleaving technologies to achieve fast cleaving of crystalline materials with perfect quality of cross-section.

The PCM had been presented to semiconductor market and delivered to customers in 2000 as a stand-alone solution for the sample preparation for SEM analysis and as a complementary tool for the initial sample preparation for the automatic nano cleaving series of SELA – MC500, MC600 and MC600i systems SELA’s customers recognized great capability of the PCM and utilized it for wide variety of preparation requirements for past 15 years.

PCM is a compact tool and customers use it under magnified glasses and optical stereo microscopes to improve accuracy of cleaving.


  • Perfect quality of cross-section for crystalline materials
  • Fast cleaving in less than a minute
  • Size of cleaved samples from full wafer and to single die 2x2mm
  • Manually controlled accuracy
  • Ease of use – – no previous experience required


  • Perfect quality of cross-section
  • High throughput
  • Improves and enhances SEM imaging
  • Compact size
  • Low cost of ownership


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