Probe Card PCBs

Probe Card PCBs

DTS offers both generic and custom PCBs blanks for probe cards. Probe card PCBs are available for all tester platforms and can be configured for any vertical technology, epoxy cantilever and legacy blade cards. DTS probe card blanks are made to precise specifications required for all probing technologies and are available in high speed and high temperature materials. All probe card PCBs employ a balanced layering construction to maintain tight flatness specifications and minimize warping, allowing good probe planarity. Gold plating on all surface metals facilitates easy soldering and minimizes probe resistance. DTS is continually adding new probe card blanks to its library!

Service provided in partnership with DTS


  • Support Across All Design Software Platforms
  • Template & BOM Creation
  • Component / Symbol Creation (Librarian Services)
  • Schematic Capture
  • Component Placement
  • Physical Routing
  • Post Processing
  • Design QC Services (DFM, DRC, Specification Validation)
  • Fab Preparation
  • Pre-Fab Stack Up


  • Complete Turn-Key Services
  • Service Across All Board Complexities
  • U.S. and Asia Based Manufacturing
  • In House Pre-Fab CAD / CAM and QC Processes
  • Full Turn-Key Services
  • Typical Cycle Times: 7-10 days (Expedite Options Available)


  • Component Sourcing and Procurement
  • Both Hand & Automated Assembly
  • Full Turn-Key Services
  • Application Support
  • Assembly Metrology Tools at All 3rd Party Assembly Partners
  • Automated Pick-and-Place and Reflow Available
  • AOI & Flying Probe Test Available

Turn Key

  • Support Across All Design Software Platforms
  • Template & BOM Creation
  • Probe Heads(Cantilever, Vertical, MEMS)
  • WLCSP Contactors
  • Sockets – Production and Hand Test
  • Strip Test Contactors
  • Custom Cable Solutions
  • Motherboards and Interfaces
  • Stiffeners and Mechanical Hardware

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