PXIe-62780 18-Slot 3U PXI Express Chassis with AC

PXIe-62780 18-Slot 3U PXI Express Chassis with AC

The JYTEK PXIe-62780 is an 18-slot PXI Express chassis, compliant with PXI Express and cPCI Express specifications and offering one system slot, one system timing slot, ten hybrid peripheral slots, and six PXI Express peripheral slots for a wide variety of testing and measurement applications requiring enhanced bandwidth. The PXIe-62780 provides a configurable PCIe switch fabric and is configurable in two-link, and four-link PXI express deployments, with 8 GB/s system bandwidth and up to 4 GB/s slot bandwidth for dedicated peripheral slots, thanks to PCIe gen2 signaling technology.

The PXIe-62780 implements a smart system monitoring controller, reporting full chassis status, including fan speed, system voltages, and internal temperature.

Equipped with an industrial grade AC power supply, the PXIe-62780 provides 800 W under 55°C, and superior cooling capacity, from three 120 mm fans on the rear of the chassis, and two BNC connectors for 10 MHz clock input/output on the rear panel increase chassis flexibility, enabling synchronization with supplementary devices. All in all, PXIe-62780 is a superior PXI Express platform choice for testing and measurement requirements.

The PCIe switch fabric of PXIe-62780 can be configured in four-link, two-link, user can configure it depends on the different application. 

The JYTEK PXIe-62780 features an innovative heat dissipation solution, with three 185.9CFM cooling fans in the rear section of the chassis drawing cool air through lower apertures, then exhausting through the back. This design normalizes airflow for each PXI slot, delivering exceptional cooling. When installed in a rack, the cooling design minimizes intake of hot air from the rear side, separating airflow for modules and power supplies, while isolating source (fan) noise from modules and maintaining a steady internal temperature. 

The PXIe-62780's built-in system monitoring controller monitors and manages full chassis status,including internal temperature, fan speed, and DC voltages, with monitored data accessible with the embedded controller or remote PC via standard RS-232 connector. 

The JYTEK PXIe-62780 features 10 hybrid peripheral slots, preserve backward compatibility to accept PXIe/PXI/cPCIe/cPCI modules, providing maximum flexibility in PXI and PXI Express module slot replacement, reducing the costs of system upgrade.


  • 18-slot PXI Express chassis with one system slot, one system timing slot, 10 hybrid peripheral slots, and 6 PXI Express peripheral slots
  • Configurable PCIe switch fabric, can be configured as four-link, two-link, PXI Express chassis
  • Up to 8 GB/s system bandwidth and Up to 4 GB/s peripheral bandwidth for dedicated slots
  • Intelligent chassis management: automatic fan speed control, chassis status monitoring and reporting, remote chassis power on/off control
  • BNC connectors for 10 MHz clock input/output
  • Innovative cooling mechanism dissipates 38.2W for each peripheral slot
  • Maximum total usable power of 800 W under 55°C

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