USB-63488A High-Performance IEEE-488 GPIB Interface

USB-63488A High-Performance IEEE-488 GPIB Interface

JYTEK"s GPIB interface solutions are delivered with complete software support, including a driver API set that is fully binary compatible with NI-488.2* driver. All programs written based on the GPIB-32.DLL library can be executed with the USB-63488A without any modification. The VISA library is also supported to ensure compatibility with applications utilizing VISA. Regardless if you are using VC++, VB, Delphi, LabVIEW*, or any other T&M ADEs. The USB-63488A provides "Plug and Play" compatibility with all your existing applications.

The USB-63488A GPIB interface provides a direct connection between the USB port on a desktop or laptop computer to GPIB instrumentation. With the USB-63488A GPIB interface and its USB Plug and Play feature, GPIB instruments can be connected and disconnected without having to shut down the computer. No external power supplies are necessary. The USB-63488A GPIB interface is equipped with a 2 meter USB cable that is USB 2.0 compliant.

*NI, LabVIEW, CVI and other names are trademarks or proprietaries of National Instruments Corporation or other companies.​


  • Simple GPIB connectivity for laptop computers
  • Plug and Play interface;
  • APIs compatible with the NI-488.2* driver software
  • Fully compatible with IEEE 488.1 and 488.2
  • Fully compatible with industry-standard VISA libraries

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