X-Prep® Precision Milling/Polishing System

X-Prep® Precision Milling/Polishing System

The X-Prep® is a specialized 5-axis CNC-based milling/grinding/polishing machine designed to support electrical and physical failure analysis techniques and other applications requiring high precision sample preparation.
It features a wizard-based, user-friendly, intuitive interface that guides the operator through a screen sequence. As each screen appears, instruction is provided to the operator, ensuring every parameter and function is defined before operation. Help buttons on each screen provide access to additional explanation and instruction.

A high-definition (720p) color camera projects a magnified, razor-sharp image of the sample onto the touch screen to help the operator define the X/Y milling/grinding/polishing boundary.

Automatic tilt adjustment levels the sample plane parallel to the X/Y plane of the cutting tool. Unevenly mounted or tilted samples can easily be leveled using this functionality.

A variety of fixtures and accessories are available to accommodate various sample types and sizes.


  • Easy-to-use, wizard-based workflow guides the operator through system setup to define: X/Y/Z tool position; X/Y tool feed rate, pattern and overlap; Z-force; and Z-position - no G-coding or programming knowledge required
  • Three (3) Z-control modes: Position (Milling/Grinding); Position Force (Grinding/Polishing); Floating Force (Polishing)
  • Optional 3D Software Module adds functionality/capability that includes: automatic 3D mapping/profiling; convex & concave profile deprocessing; and Excel® profile visualization/profile manipulation macro
  • Motorized leveling stage for: automatic parallel leveling of sample to the X/Y tool plane; sample leveling - dual-axis control with 0.5 micron resolution; definable "off-axis" tilt adjustment
  • Granite rail support chassis for improved thermal and mechanical stability
  • Live HD (720p) video navigation to define X/Y milling/grinding/polishing boundary
  • Closed-loop Z-axis positioning, 0.1 micron resolution, 1 micron accuracy
  • Closed-loop X/Y-axis positioning, 1 micron resolution
  • 12" color LCD, touch-screen graphic user interface
  • Closed-loop Z-axis force control, 0.5 to 10 N
  • Universal tool collet uses 3 mm x 1.5" (38 mm) length tools (0.25 mm - 12 mm grinding/polishing tip)
  • Up to 100 x 100 mm X/Y travel
  • Weight: 210 lb. (95 kg) - Shipping weight: 310 lb. (141 kg)
  • Dimensions: 21" W x 27" D x 25" H (533 x 686 x 622 mm)
  • Designed & manufactured by Allied in the USA
  • Two (2) year warranty

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