Xact200 Twin Beam AIM System

Xact200 Twin Beam AIM System

Xact200 performs cutting-edge TEM/STEM sample preparation in line with the Semiconductor and Nanotechnology roadmap requirements for next generation physical FA and characterization.

The Xact200 is a second-generation system uniquely combines the disruptive innovative AIM technology with an integrated FE SEM column, in process real time STEM imaging capability and piezo based multi axes eucentric manipulator.

The Xact200 delivers excellent sample quality, significantly reduced turn-around times and enhanced productivity.

AIM, SELA’s proprietary Adaptive Ion Milling technology, is superior to traditional Focused Ion Beam (FIB) and Broad Ion Bean (BIB) technologies in ability to reduce lamella thickness below 15 nanometers over a large area with artifact-free quality, high precision, controlled thickness variation and high throughput.


  • Side and Plan view TEM/STEM preparation
  • Top and back side Delayering
  • SEM cross-section preparation for wide and high structures
  • SCM and SSRM preparation
  • Preparation of extremely big and extremely small objects
  • TSV and bumps SEM and TEM/STEM preparation
  • Real time STEM imaging during the milling
  • Real time thickness measurement during the milling
  • Ease of use


  • Unsurpassed quality with negligible artifacts
  • Amorphous layer about 1nm on Si
  • Routine lamella thinning to below 20nm covering a wide area of interest
  • Thinning down to 10nm supporting 1x technology node
  • Enhanced lamella thickness uniformity and robustness
  • High precision milling with integrated FE SEM/STEM observation
  • AIM technology enabled by unique ion milling unit With dynamic Xe ion beam

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